translated from Spanish: Jeanne Viale told about an episode of insecurity in the street

On Saturday night, Juana Viale, who now serves as host of Mirtha Legrand’s The Night program, conversed with criminal lawyer Florencia Arietto on the case of Jorge Ríos.After journalist Osvaldo Bazán recounted the last time she was robbed, the driver continued with the anecdote round and detailed a situation of insecurity she experienced in Palermo.

«I was with my three children. Wild forward, Amber and Ali back,» she said, who had braked at a traffic light at the intersection between Dorrego and Liberator with a borrowed car and no polarized glass.» I saw two I’d never seen before and they split up. One goes to the car next door and another comes here. I looked forward and put the cell phone under my leg,» he recounted the movements as he imagined all the possibilities to get out unscathed. When the companion approaches him and asks about the situation, the one in Joan’s car replies, «No, this one doesn’t want to give me anything.» Well, then burn it, » replied the other. There, the driver reacted impulsively and interrupted, while her children were crying, with a: «What did you say?»

«I had my body frozen, » he said, but luckily, the two men said it was a joke and walked away. Everything went well.
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