translated from Spanish: RN parliamentarians bloc back interior minister and mayor of La Araucanía

Parliamentarians of La Araucanía condemned the «extreme confrontation and violence» events that continue to be recorded in the area and supported the actions of the interior minister and regional mayor, to «restore peace and tranquility to citizens».
Senators Carmen Gloria Aravena and José García Ruminot, together with Deputies René Manuel García and Miguel Mellado agreed that the State must make use «of all the instruments and powers available today to end unusual violence, which is even more serious considering that we are in a state of constitutional state of emergency».
Senator (ind pro RN) Carmen Gloria Aravena reiterated that «no cause can justify the immense damage that has been done in our area, it is urgent to find those responsible and, above all, it is urgent to find peace, dialogue and understanding, for it is decades without achieving a solution to end this conflict».
Senator José García Ruminot stated that «the situation is unsustainable and no one has the right to deprive citizens of the use of the facilities of their respective municipality and the State has an obligation to restore peace to the affected communes, it has the legal instruments and powers.» In the same vein, he argued that «violence cannot be allowed, our southern regions need order, peace of mind to progress and thrive.»
For his part, deputy René Manuel García, in turn regional president of National Renewal, noted that «the government has the unrestricted support of all to restore peace to La Araucanía.»
Meanwhile, DEPUTY Miguel Mellado said that «people got tired of authorities not enforcing the rule of law and they disagree with violence that they exercise groups armed with a case that is no longer legitimate.» He added that «it is not legitimate to usurp a building that is everyone’s, demanding freedom from persons imprisoned by courts of justice.»
All reiterated a close support and support for the actions of the Minister of the Interior, Victor Pérez and Mayor Victor Manoli.

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