translated from Spanish: Tik Tok video gets out of hand and ends in crash

Mexico.-The endless struggle to see who attracts the most followers continues in Tik Tok, because videos that jeopardize the integrity of tiktokers are becoming more common, on this occasion it happened to a group of young people playing on a revolving swing, a video that was shared with a touch of Mexican humor because it was described alluding to the traditional dance of Papantla’s flyers.Although it is not known the exact origin of the video, it was through Tik Tok that the user @nestornune, shared the moment that went from being a funny act to something supplemente terrifying, when the accident originated.
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Mexico.-In the video of just a few seconds, it shows how three men in the company of a woman perform the manoeuvre, held by long chains, when the turns become more abrupt and the woman is projected into thickets, followed by cries of pain.
Although the state of health of women is so far unknown, netizens have pointed out that it is best not to perform the traditional dance, because of its high danger. You may also be interested in:Spice Drug and its devastating effect; catch people vanishing on the street for consuming itMicrosoft could buy TikTok’s US business

Original source in Spanish

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