translated from Spanish: Unleash fight for not using the head cover on a flight from Amsterdam to Ibiza (Video)

World.- On social media circulates the video showing a fight that arose during a flight from Amsterdam to Ibiza. Several passengers started a terrible fight inside the plane after two people, with symptoms of drunkenness, refused to respect the mandatory use of the mask, as reported by ‘Het Parool’.

«Stoppen nu, er zijn kinderen hiero!» Knokpartij op @klm vlucht naar Ibiza. Dronken passagier weigert mondkapje dragen you ✈️
Panic and violent brawl! Unruly passenger on board KLM flight,refused to wear face mask 😷#incident #klm #avgeek #aviation #planespotting @KLM_press
— The Mic High Club Luchtvaart Podcast (@MicHighClub) August 2, 2020

At that point several passengers began to grab the man who appears shirtless in the images, just before a storm of punching and shoving was unleashed among everyone involved in the fight. In the video you can see how several people are not wearing the mask or at least, not correctly.
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The two passengers, who are not Dutch nationals, were arrested upon arrival at the airport, according to KLM. The crowded passenger fight ended with a young man immobilized under the seats of the plane itself.
Fortunately the fight did not leave serious injuries and the plane landed properly at an unusual airport in Ibiza, more empty than any other summer precisely because of the absence of tourists due to the crisis of coronavirus and quarantine imposed by the United Kingdom, a move that has forced thousands of citizens to cancel their vacation.
Source: Antenna Three

Original source in Spanish

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