translated from Spanish: Ten homicides in Michoacán in the first three days of August

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán. – During the first three days of August, ten murders have been recorded in Michoacán, according to information collected in the media.
Journalistic notes have revealed a sum of ten people killed violently.
During Saturday, August 01, two brothers aged 18 and 25 were killed after they were shot dead by unknown subjects in the Revolution colony in Zamora. On a property in that same municipality, the body of a young woman with traces of violence was located.
While during Sunday morning, the bodies of four men were found on a road in the municipality of José Sixto Verduzco. All victims had gunshots to the head.
Also yesterday, the discovery of a body «placed» was recorded on a site in Chilchota, on the side of the Carapan-Uruapan road. In the late hours of Sunday a man was also deprived of life in the Isabel La Católica colony in Jacona.
So far this Monday, there have been two violent events; the first in the Newfoundland 1 split, in Tarimbaro, when a stranger entered a house and was shot dead by a man. On the fact it is mentioned that the alleged murderer reached the split in a white vehicle and identified himself as Uber.
The other event occurred in Uruapan, in the colony Ampliación Rubén Jaramillo, where a woman was shot by individuals traveling in a van. Fortunately the woman did not die on the spot and was taken to a local hospital.
The above information was collected through journalistic notes, so the numbers are not official.

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