translated from Spanish: The story of the “Coronamovil delivery fest” to spread joy

In the late hours of Saturday, a Video on Twitter in which a man walks through the city of La Plata with his car with meme music from the coffin of young African-Americans at a very high volume and a sculpture on the ceiling shaped like the coronavirus that is larger than the car and appears to be a balloon. The video accumulates almost a million and a half of reproductions and caught the attention of their own and strangers because of how unusual and unusual the situation was, but it soon recompiled the angers of the vast majority by not understanding the message that was sought.
Alejandro Mañanes is an inflatable sculptor under the slogans “Coronamovil delivery fest”; “Contact you with optimism”; “let your joy not run out of breath, ” was it the one who walked the streets to convey joy.” People have the joy overshadowed and we have to stimulate them to face this terrible pandemic that aathes us all. It is not a mockery of the pandemic, it is to realize that it exists, because we visualize something that is microscopic to make it look… But at the same time we say that they have their spirits up loud and spread optimism,” the author said.
Finally, he revealed that he received a call from the surroundings of Platense mayor Julio Garro for the filming of an institutional video that probably has other inflatables related to the pandemic.

Original source in Spanish

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