translated from Spanish: Viviana Canosa and a new controversy: “I take chlorine dioxide”

A few days ago Viviana Canosa published a tweet that caused different opinions for and against, the post in question claimed that channel driver 9 takes Chlorine Dioxide, as a way to prevent Covid-19 between and endorsed the person who promotes it. 
Users of the network quickly replied that in addition to not combating the disease, it is harmful to the organism and very toxic, so its recommendation is not only unfortunate but dangerous. “You’re promoting a poison. Shame on you,” shot one of the users who answered the post. 
“It is a commercial disinfectant that should never be ingested,” Miguel Angel Sierra Rodríguez, professor of chemistry at the Complutense University of Madrid, said a few months ago in dialogue with the BBC.

Don’t start taking things that aren’t backed up for consumption. But don’t believe me, look what you’re warning from the Argentine Toxicological Association. — Virgil (@_Virgiliana_)
August 3, 2020

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) also came to clarify the danger of intake of this product, as did the Argentine Toxicological Association, which issued a statement to warn society about the danger of drinking this chemical.” There is no scientific evidence to support its safety or efficacy,” part of the writing said.

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