translated from Spanish: With hard data, they will seek to raise awareness in implementing

Sinaloa.- Realizing that citizens do not abide by preventive recommendations to avoid a new covid-19 uptick, the Sinaloa Economic Development Council (Codesin) launches a campaign to spread the consequences of the pandemic. Lauro Meléndez, executive chairman of Codesin, explained that it will be through content disseminated throughout the state, as we seek to raise awareness of the consequences of the disease.
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As is the pain that generates those who lose a loved one, the deaths it causes and also how to protect themselves from contagion, so it was called “No excuses, protect yourself from covid-19. Since the messages will be informative and disseminate hard data on the negative consequences of Covid-19, both for family and business, as well as for young people who usually do not believe in the consequences of the disease and omit the application of protocols.
The pandemic doesn’t budge, it’s on a flattened plateau. Sinaloa is in 70 cases average per 100 thousand inhabitants, while Culiacan is above 80 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, which has motivated us to seek a campaign to raise awareness of the general population of how important it is to take care of the contagions that we have not been able to contain,” he said.

This is the relaxation of society increasingly noticeable, and the possibility of further confinement increases, which would be devastating for Sinaloa’s economic sector with only a short time in the revival of activities.

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