translated from Spanish: Conmebol will fund teams traveling through Libertadores and South America

“An exceptional financial subsidy, exclusively for the 2020 edition, was approved for the hiring of charter flights from the clubs participating in the tournaments,” said the South American Football Confederation officially resected a new step towards the return scheduled for September 15. According to the international authority, this new economic measure has to do with helping clubs “the impact of the coronavirus pandemic,” which has affected the economy of all of them not only because of the absence of the public, but also because of the lack of competition that is gradually being revived.

“The Conmebol has prepared a progressive table of amounts according to the air distances in kilometers taking into account the origin as the base city of the visiting club and the venue where the match will be held,” they said, adding that “only those who play visitors will be entitled to receive the allocated amount.” This last description has to do with the number of institutions that, for different reasons, must play as premises outside their usual location, either within the same country or abroad. Conmebol’s chart of values for charter flights

Within the same country – $15,000 
Up to 2,000 km (outdoor)- $30,000 
From 2,001 to 4,000 kilometers – $50,000
4,001 kilometres onwards – $70,000

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