translated from Spanish: Daniela Palavecino recalled controversial situation with Diego Boneta: “It’s terrible to go through an online funa…”

Former MasterChef Celebrity participant Daniela Palavecino chatted with the CHVenCasa program where she talked about different topics, including the controversial kiss she gave to the actor who encouraged Luis Miguel, Diego Boneta.La actress, recalled that “it was a situation that happened at the Festival. I was hired as a notary for a brand, but also to give an acting touch to the notes I made. We set off with the Gala, interviewed many people, including Diego Boneta. And Diego, like other interviewees, we proposed to recreate the kiss of the animators. Everything went super well, the notes for everyone, for him included.” The note was edited, posted, praise and praise were pure, but 24 hours later the controversy and comments began that I had forced and harassed him, that he looked uncomfortable,” he added. In addition, Palavecino noted the change in tone in people’s opinions and stated that “of such comments, a mass began to say more these comments, then was supported by the press. There were people who thought and speculated, that caught my attention: ‘I didn’t see the video, but you’re…’ I don’t know what.” It was crazy, a mass of very violent people having their opinions. Because there is a big difference in saying ‘I don’t agree with what happened, I didn’t like the dynamics’, that yes, these things lead us to reflect and see that there are things that we can correct. But there is another reality that is bullying, violence and expressing itself without measuring the consequences, without information,” he recalled. Also, the interpreter stated that “it’s what strikes me the most, it’s like ‘I’m telling you stalker, I didn’t see the interview, but I still tell you stalker.’ If you’re saying something so serious, please find out. And multiply it by a lot of people””It’s terrible to go through a funa or online bullying, it’s something no one should live. It’s part of everyone’s work to stop normalizing cyber bullying and bullying in general. But cybernetic happens a lot more, because it’s easier to do, it’s faster, and I don’t advise anyone, because I’ve had a hard time,” he closed.

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