translated from Spanish: Ambassador Bielsa said continenal platform map approval is not linked to «best title to claim sovereignty in Antarctica»

During this day the Ambassador of Argentina to Chile, Rafael Bielsa, came to La Moneda to present the letters of credentials to President Sebastián Piñera. On the occasion, the diplomat was consulted on the approval of the Chamber of Deputies throughout two initiatives proposed by President Alberto Fernández in order to reaffirm and make a state policy the claim on sovereignty in the Falkland Islands.This project has been followed from the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A diplomatic note was even issued to Argentina arguing that the extension of the continental shelf seeking Argentina is not «opposable» to Chile.» The delimitation of the outer edge of the Argentine submarine platform is not an issue that is linked to an eventual better title to claim sovereignty in Antarctica. It has absolutely nothing to do with it,» he said. In doing so, he added that «the statute sanctioned by The legislative body of Chile, with the deferred, on what is called a small crescent that is located to the south of the territories». «With regard to the Antarctic issue, Argentina follows step by step the path that the five countries, including Chile, are taking an externalization of their sovereignty over the territory. That is not linked to the redistricting made by the committee. They’re two completely different themes,» he said. COVID-19 On the other hand, Bielsa spoke about the pandemic, stating that «countries do it as we know and as we can. What the president told me is that as the peaks of occurrence of contagion and deaths are asymmetrical between Chile and Argentina, ideally it will be that we cooperate,» he added. With this, he closed on talking about his relationship with Chile, saying that «I have an affection since childhood for Chile».

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