translated from Spanish: Argentine football will return to training on August 10

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) announced that the Trans-Andean government approved the proposed health protocol for the return to training of professional teams. This after a meeting at Casa Rosada, in which the Chief of The Cabinet of Ministers, Santiago Cafiero, the Minister of Health of Argentina, Dr. Ginés González García, the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, the President of the AFA, Claudio Tapia, and Víctor Blanco, general secretary of the association, participated. This way next Monday, August 10, the tests will be held to the 24 clubs of the Professional League and the training will begin. It was also agreed that the Women’s Football Commission will meet on Wednesday to define the date of return to internships. In addition, on August 30, the 32 clubs of the First National will be held and the trainings will begin. Finally, on September 7, it will be the turn of the tests to the 18 teams of the Metropolitan B, to the 19 teams of the First C, to the 30 Federal A teams, to begin the internship. In this way, Chileans Marcelo Díaz, Gabriel Arias, Eugenio Mena, Pedro Pablo Hernández, Pablo Galdames, Juan Fuentes and Paulo Díaz will be back in training since next week. However, there is still no defined date for the return of the Superliga.

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