translated from Spanish: Femicide in Escobar: woman shot by her ex-boyfriend died

Fabiana Encina, 52, died today at the Nestor Kirchner Hospital in the party of Escobar, Buenos Aires province, a victim of a femicide perpetrated by her ex-boyfriend, Florencio Yaquino, who took his own life after the attack. Encina’s family asked prosecutor Cristian Fabio, holder of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 4, for his authorization to be able to donate the woman’s organs. Judicial sources informed Télam that the official agreed to the request, and that he also changed the case cover to «femicide followed by suicide». It was also known that the victim had suffered family violence at the hands of the femidide. The fact
The episode occurred on Monday around 10 a.m. at the intersection of Corrientes and Route 26, in the town of Maquinista Savio, Escobar’s party, where Encina and her current partner were preparing to open the commercial office of the newspaper where the woman worked. Yaquino, 56, arrived at the time to attack the couple. He first pushed Encina’s boyfriend out of the premises and then pulled a firearm with which he fired a gun to the woman’s head, then took his own life with the same gun. Encina was transferred to Néstor Kirchner Hospital in Escobar where she was operated on Monday, but two days later she died. During the investigation it came to light that «the Escobar Family Court had issued a restriction of rapprochement in mid-July for a case of family violence and gave the woman an anti-panic button that evidently did not come to press because everything was very quick,» Télam informed a source of the inquiry.

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