translated from Spanish: The Old Practices – The Opinion of Miguel Pérez Pompa

One of the ideas that Both Andrés Manuel López Obrador as leader of the National Regeneration Movement and now as President of the Republic has always sustained, is to uproot the old political regime of corruption, the same regime of privilege by which politicians and officials used the big pot at the expense of Mexicans, of course , the company to which the president commits is not easy, much less when people who say themselves follow suit, what they follow are the old practices of the political regime.
For AMLO, the old practices of traditional politics or politics were what sustained the aforementioned regime for so long, practices such as electoral fraud, dark agreements, the purchase of wills, the promise of candidacies, corruption, nepotism, illicit enrichment, widening polls, attacking allies and others, however, it was also the old practices that ultimately convinced society to try to build a different policy , to put at the service of the people the instrument of peaceful change; The National Regeneration Movement.
But as has been discussed in different columns, the heterogeneous composition of the Brunette has been as much as its strength, also a weakness in tow because within its ranks or by those who want to be a part of them there is the latent element of wanting to use the old practices of politics to strengthen and achieve political return.
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At the moment of the current election period, the old practices can be composed as a bad habit of the Morena, as they abound in the other political parties that continue to use the same formulas of communication, organization and management; imminence focuses on the high chances of the ruling party repositioning itself as the first electoral force, reason enough for fierce fights to take place to win the victories that presumably win in the middle.
For his part, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is largely fulfilling the commitment to root out the regime of corruption, however, this commitment cannot be carried out at a time when those who are strongly engaged in using the old practices of politics to achieve their personal or group purposes.
Old practices or traditional politics can be an easy way to obtain a political network in the short term, on the other hand, the political ethic by which Morena was erected must prove that even those who form or want to be part of their ranks must be conducted by setting aside the old methods of political doing and that they really constitute the instrument to serve society , not serving themselves.
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