translated from Spanish: After eviction from the Municipality: Mayor of Tirúa accused that the government «is passing over the authority of the ediles»

After the Government ordered the eviction of the seizure of the Municipality of Tirúa, the mayor of the commune, Adolfo Millabur, criticized La Moneda’s decision without assistance that it «does not help at all».
According to information from Cooperativa, Millabur stated that «this mayor has not requested the eviction» and noted that «today we intended to converse with the people who were using the building.»
In that sense, in the opinion of the communal chief, the government’s decision «does not help at all because everyone knows it is the power of the mayors».
«With this they inform all of Chile that the government is going through the authority of the mayors, and give a different signal, of not dialogue or understanding,» he said.
Also, Millabur warned that «I’m not going to take over the building until I’m given it to me by the one who ordered the eviction.»
It should be mentioned that, the Governorate of Arauco contacted Millabur to request from Carabineros the eviction of the Municipality of Tirúa, however, from the mayor’s office they ruled out that possibility. In the face of this, the mayor of the Biobío, Sergio Giacaman, reported that «despite the refusal of the mayor, from the Ministry of the Interior we have an obligation to restore that public good to put it at the service of the public».

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