translated from Spanish: Argentine Actresses’ Open Letter to the Government Over the Crisis In Which They Are Going

The Argentine Actresses published in their networks this afternoon an open letter addressed to the government and the public expressing their concern about their work in times of pandemic. To it, more than 2600 signatures belonging to actresses and actors of the national industry joined. «Our always unstable reality is more like that of swallow workers in constant search of productions through which to collect a salary, but our chances, even before quarantine, have been narrowing,» the letter begins. 
They also refer to the low national production in both television and theatre. «We are one of the most deferred sectors to resume activity. For this reason, we join the general cry for economic measures to address the cultural emergency. We need to survive,» he exclaims. What they request:

Urgent wage compensation in the face of the crisis
Exemption from payment of monotribute and self-employed
Support lines and economic incentives for actors and actresses
Platform content generation
Incorporation of national fiction in content broadcast on TV, web platforms and radio
Urgent regulation of the right of interpretation on these platforms
Workers’ participation in the discussion and development of protocols

And finally, they claim, «After 120 days of quarantine, we need urgent responses.»

Original source in Spanish

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