translated from Spanish: In San Ignacio villagers complain about blackouts and power outages

San Ignacion.- Dozens of damaged appliances have left the constant blackouts that are presented in all the homes of the municipal head and other locations. These failures are presented year after year in hot season, but this time they are greater because the demand for electricity has grown, as more and more homes have air conditioners or minisplits, which makes the energy supply insufficient.
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At night, it is when these devices are turned on, it is when the blackouts come every five minutes, because the energy comes suddenly and causes the decompressure of all kinds of devices that are connected. There are multiple complaints that are made daily by social networks, where they express their discontent with the Federal Electricity Commission, which does nothing to remedy this matter, that each epoch causes massive decompressures of appliances, even in many households can no longer ignite the airs for fear that they will burn how it has happened to them on other occasions. In the Azucenas del Río colony, comment the neighbors who have a transformer that was initially installed by CFE to serve an apple, but as the number of constructions was growing this no longer supplies, and they have already made the request repeatedly and is only left in promises.
The last few days we have reached 48 degrees Celsius, so turning on the air is vitally important, but we cannot because the basses break them down, and the CFE is not responsible for that, Rigoberto Almaral said.

Other neighbors pointed out that their refrigerators have broken down, or that the energy output causes them to thaw and spoil food, as well as some refrigeration drugs. Latest local news on the following links:News Mazatlan, Sinaloa News»Apart from the heat, it’s the stilts, the kids get restless and we have to sleep outdoors because not a fan can connect, it’s not fair that the receipts have come so high, it must be for so many lows, because I got four times more of the usual payment,» said Margarita Millán.They said they call the CFE to do something to fix this old problem that has caused thousands of weights in loss of household appliances.

Original source in Spanish

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