translated from Spanish: The Minute of Power 06082020

Victor Perez’s Raison d’etre
That the first public activity of the new holder of the Interior’s portfolio has been in the Region of La Araucanía, is not coincidental, on the contrary, says much of his reason for being as the new chief of staff of President Sebastián Piñera. We tell you about an Interior Minister right to right on the note from Hernán Leighton and Macarena Segovia.
An Oracle for Chile

The worst prediction for what is to come: «A rather black and conflict-filled period from here to change government, but from which we will know how to go out with blows and batons, depending to a large extent on the quality of the leaders we choose, hopefully of democratic social orientation, so that the country does not burst.» Mario Waissbluth comments at El Mostrador.
Balancing the equation of reactivation

It is essential that all social actors take action to address this uncertain future. How did we accomplish this? Aldo Rosenblum says that «balancing the equation of reactivation».
Burning South American winter

Most subcontinent countries experience acute political-social crises, indeed, over the common denominator of the coronavirus pandemic, and the economic disaster it has caused. Gabriel Gaspar says the southern winter augurs for an intense spring.

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