translated from Spanish: 9th birthday of the death of Leo Mattioli, the «Santafesino lion»

This August 7th marks the 9th birthday of the death of Leonardo «Leo» Mattioli, the Argentine cumbia singer-songwriter who was known to his fans and fans as the «Santafesino lion». The artist began his career at the hands of the Trinidad Group, when he was 20 years old, which published songs such as «Pedro navaja», «You have me around», «He’s not coming» or «He’s no better than me.»

In 2000, after a car accident that the band had and in which two musicians lost their lives, the artist began his solo career. He owned great classics remembered to date, such as «Crying More Than 10 Times» or «How Cute Love Is.» To him, as He confessed to Diario Uno, success was linked to love: «People are romantic, they identify with stories and want to sing it. I live on it and I don’t regret it, because I think love is what gives me the most strength to go on day by day.» However, the singer suffered repeated episodes of heart problems and even in 2009 he underwent a drug coma, after suffering a severe picture of pneumonia.

Leo Mattioli

In 2011 he suffered cardiorespiratory arrest at the Gala hotel in the city of Necochea, and although he was immediately transferred to the Dr. Emilio Ferreyra Municipal Hospital, he was unable to survive. Undoubtedly, his career left an indelible mark on the national cumbia, and he became one of the benchmarks that inspired a new generation of artists linked to the tropical movement. Such is how he starred in different tributes by artists such as Uriel Lozano, Karina La Princesita, Los del Fuego, El Banana and more. Also, on this day fans and fans remember it with poignant posts and messages.
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