translated from Spanish: Cipolletti: he came in to order food, helped him and stole a cell phone

An outrageous fact occurred in Cipolletti at a well-known bar in the city. A young man went into the trade to ask for help as he didn’t have to eat, but when the employee was looking for food to give the low-income kid, he stole his cell phone without him noticing. Everything was recorded in a video recorded by the bar’s security cameras and the owners did not hesitate to spread it on their social networks. The event occurred this Thursday at the Café Balcarce confectionery located on Avenida Alem 508 street corner with Miguel Muñoz street. As their owners told a social media post, the young man entered the premises begging for something to eat and received help, but unfortunately responded by taking a cell phone that they use in the shop to communicate with all their suppliers and receive orders from some customers under take away mode.
“Today we had a very ugly time at our place. A young man came up as many times happened to us to ask us for something to eat and as is our custom we collaborate with what we have available,” they explained.” Unfortunately this young man in addition to crescents, took the cell phone we used in our shop to communicate with our customers and suppliers. We leave you the video of the moment so you can take your precautions and spread it. We are very sorry and know that the vast majority of people who need help don’t act this way,” they wrote. The video recorded by the trade security cameras were able to capture the entire scene, although it is difficult to identify the young man as he used a cover.

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