translated from Spanish: Gary Medel: “How to believe in the system when the system failed Ambar”

Gary Medel, captain of the Chilean national team, was no stranger to the heartbreaking crime against the young Ambar Cornejo in Villa Alemana and targeted the judicial system in the country. Through his social networks, the trained in Catholic University and today italian Bologna player wrote: “Bustamante is a murderer who justice left to freedom. How to believe in the system when the system failed Ambar.” And it will continue to fail other potential victims if people who are not ready to reintegrate are still released,” he added. The Investigation Police on Thursday confirmed the discovery of the body of Amber Cornejo, the 16-year-old who had been missing since July 29. The remains were found in the courtyard of the house that his mother, Denisse Llanos, shared with his partner Hugo Bustamante. Both were detained by police before the discovery was revealed.” I hope those responsible for this will ever face it. For this there are authorities and they have an obligation to prevent such cases from repeating love, comfort and support for amber’s family and friends,” said the ‘Pitbull’. Consigning that Bustamante had been convicted of double homicide in 2005, following the murder of Verónica Vásquez Puebla (his partner at the time) and her son, Eugenio Honorato Vásquez, 9 years old.

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