translated from Spanish: Hurricane was seized and inhibited by AFA to incorporate players

Having solved much of the economic and contractual problems with the current campus, Hurricane started the new stage with Israel Damonet with the arrival of three new reinforcements that have already been officially announced: Adrián Arregui, Raúl Lozano and Renato Civelli.However, now cl club received a new setback from AFA and has to do with an embargo for 400,000 euros and the inhibition of being able to continue incorporating players in the current pass market , from a debt that the club would apparently have with the body of lawyers who managed the departure of Cristian Espinoza in 2016.

Cristian Espinoza was sold in July 2016 to Villarreal.

They explained, the amount has to do with the lawsuit they bring against him from the body of lawyers against club for 15% of the transfer that corresponded to the player when he was sold to Villarreal, which was never paid. This has to do with Alejandro Nadur, president of Huracán, assured that his departure was terminated, without the club’s consent. Despite the whole situation, from the “Globe” they ensured that they have “studied” the case and that they will have no problem in solving it with the guarantee of payment, both for the player who militates in San José Earthquake of the MLS (caution policy) and for his lawyers, so the measure will be lifted. Meanwhile, the Huracán roster began with the co-ore-sputed co-opents to return to training on Monday, August 10, and were also made by the additions, which will have no problem training with their new teammates, despite this new legal dispute.

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