translated from Spanish: Moreliana who faked truck theft with baby is subject to prosecution over kidnapping of a teenage girl

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán (FGE), made an allegation against José Eduardo N., and Esperanza Viridiana T., for their possible connection in the crime of aggravated kidnapping, of a pregnant teenager who was intended to strip her baby. This is the woman who reported last Wednesday the theft of a van with a newborn inside.
According to the research folder, on August 5, José Eduardo N. and Esperanza Viridiana T., kidnapped a 16-year-old girl, who is pregnant with a seven-month gestation.
José Eduardo N., was arrested in the colony Pablo Galeana in the possession of a Ford van, type Escape, black, plates MPV-81-92 of the State of Mexico, which had been reported as stolen in 911, by Esperanza Viridiana T., in the unit also located the victim.
The Special Affairs Prosecutor’s Office became aware of the facts, where, once the respective acts of investigation were carried out, evidence was obtained to establish the relationship of José Eduardo N., in the crime of kidnapping, which was why criminal proceedings were brought against him and he was presented to the Control Judge; while Esperanza Viridiana T., was arrested in compliance with an arrest warrant.
At separate hearings, the investigations were brought before the Control Judge, who described the detention as legal and will the next few days resolve their legal status.
It should be remembered that the woman by a complaint to 911 mobilized the various police corporations detachments in Morelia, where even at first stated that it was a black Jeep and that the alleged thieves had taken her baby, however the motor turned out to be of the Ford Escape brand, and in the end it was discovered everything was a sham.
Unofficially it became known that the woman allegedly made her partner believe that she was pregnant and had already come the time to return with the newborn, so I look for the teenager with the intention of seizing her baby as soon as she was born, but realizing that she was still several weeks away from the birth, she asked for her accomplice’s help and everything got out of hand.

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