translated from Spanish: Quirino Ordaz will elect new candidate of ISWomen among the candidates already registered

Sinaloa.- The governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel does not yet define about proposing a new candidate for director of the Sinaloense Women’s Institute (ISMujeres) and assured that, she will adhere to the outside of the law to do the consequential in the making of the election. It said that, it did not want the topic to look more worn and that it could possibly review the profiles that were previously postulated and attended to the first call. 
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«I don’t know, let’s see, I want to prevent a wear and tear and see the profiles that participated in the previous one and see some scheme,» he said.

Quirino Ordaz Coppel had chosen Eva Guerrero as a candidate for ISMujeres, however, the plenary of the Congress of the State of Sinaloa did not ratify the appointment of director general of the Institute to hold the position. In view of this, the Governor of Sinaloa could choose another person from the list of 19 profiles, or issue a new call to have new interested in the position in the Sinaloense Institute of Women.Candidates
Ordaz Coppel did not report when he would give the new proposal among the profiles of the candidates already nominated.
Patricia Nunez
Guadalupe Hernández Guerrero
Dámaris Osuna Zavala
Jesús Martina Beltrán Valenzuela
Mary of Jesus Armenta Acosta
Rosario Dignora Valdés López
Priscila Rebeca Salas Espinoza
Miryleny Yamileth Vargas Garcia
Lorena Margarita Dominguez
Onelia Uriarte Gonzalez
Emma Albertina Quiroz Acuña
Evangelina Arellano Machuca
Amparo Natalia Reyes Andrade
Maria Leticia Valencia Sauceda
Maria Dayana Vega Yee
Laura González Bon
Sandra Judith Lara Diaz
Rosa Elvira Jacobo Lara
Sandra Eiko Irene Kuroda Inzunza

Original source in Spanish

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