translated from Spanish: The Minute of Friday 07082020

Victor Perez’s Raison d’etre
That the first public activity of the new Minister of the Interior was in the Region of La Araucanía, is not coincidental, on the contrary, he says much of his reason for being as President Piñera’s new chief of staff. The profile of a minister right to right on the note of Hernán Leighton and Macarena Segovia.
Communist President
Daniel Jadue has been point-to-point weeks leading the polls and emerging as a valid presidential option for post-pandemic Chile. The mayor of Recoleta said, on this possibility, that the country is prepared for a communist president and much more. Marcela Jiménez spoke with the building in a new interview with El Mostrador.
What about the transfers?
Economist Guillermo Larraín questioned that Piñera, in the Presidential Message, failed to recognize the extreme slowness of resource transfers to families in need. In addition, the university professor said that he missed the mention of new or additional mechanisms and instruments of social protection for the middle class, a segment that was thought to be in no need, but that he had it. Relive this week’s conversation at La Mesa.
Fine to read
The Bros network received two fines totaling 5 million pesos for working in quarantine, sparking a trade union protest amid the harsh situation in the sector. The controversy was given by the millionaire fine to the chain that is engaged in handing out… Books. The note is from Marco Fajardo in The Culture Desk.
An Oracle for Chile

The worst prediction for what is to come: a fairly black and conflict-filled period from here to change government, but from which we will know how to go out with blows and batons, depending to a large extent on the quality of the leaders we choose. Mario Waissbluth comments at El Mostrador.
The importance of being called Hoffmann
UDI MP and aspiring replacement Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe in the party presidency, Maria José Hoffmann, added a new family member to her state-dependent parent. This week his brother, Fernando Hoffmann Opazo, was hired, and with him, the “Pepa” adds 4 relatives who work in different public distributions. Details in this week’s Unreleased Unreleased highlight.

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