translated from Spanish: Corruption reported at Culiacán airport, Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- For not lending herself to collaborate in cases allegedly of corruption and dare to report various irregularities that occurred in the Customs Department of Culiacán International Airport, in which some of her former companies and the administrator might be involved, she was dismissed unjustifiably, said Mara Patricia Elenes Sauceda, who was serving as deputy minister of the customs. According to the complainant, the irregular facts she detected were reported to her superiors in a timely manner, and then to the appropriate federal authorities. He also sent a letter to the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but at the moment nothing has happened.
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It believes that a clean in the unit must be carried out because it is not fair that for a few who act badly so much positive work is taken down that for years has been done by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) in Sinaloa. Testimony
In the factual account of the events, Mara Elenes commented that it became a “stone in the shoe” of those involved in alleged acts of corruption at the airport and in the Customs Department.

Mr. Horacio Duarte Olivares, asked you to review my wrongful dismissal matter with covid 19, for reporting acts of Corruption in the Customs Section of Culiacán International Airport, Mazatlan Customs! — Mara patricia Elenes (@MaraElenes)
July 30, 2020

On 7 January 2019, after being approached by personnel working at the terminal, they proposed that they be helped to temporarily and fictionally import a helicopter, which she refused. Never in his more than twenty years of working there had he made a proposal like this, which he found quite strange. After this, another was registered on 22 July. On the day in mention, a pilot working at the control tower announced that he would arrive from Tucson, Arizona, on a plane, which came alone and brought five suitcases, to which she replied that she could not land, because a pilot can only travel with his belongings, besides that no international merchandise was received in Culiacan, and suggested that he land in Mazatlan.The pilot landed at Culiacan airport, and the precautionary embargo of the plane was carried out, in which seven suitcases and 25 boxes with clothing, among other items, were carried out, the act of which was illegal. The use of many people at the airport and at customs. You don’t know how, but the pilot got the goods back some time later. Terror
Another irregularity she reported is that on February 12 of this year, just as the international flight departed, a flight to Tijuana was spliced from the same airline, and by an error they took between twelve to fourteen suitcases to the international lounge, which apparently went to Tijuana.

Sat’s response to Mara’s complaint. Photo: Courtesy

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Culiacan News, Sinaloa NewsThe bags stayed for several minutes in the room, which is not allowed. She took pictures of him and passed the report to his superiors, and as a coincidence that day at The Tijuana airport they located what appeared to be drugs, which went on cheeses that were moved in suitcases. Customs staff, knowing that she could not count on her for mishandling, began spying on her. On 12 March, Elenes Sauceda stated that she realized that her official SAT mail was addressed to two of her collaborators, a generic mail and a resource worker in Mazatlan.EL May 23 she developed symptoms of COVID-19, which was confirmed to her on May 28. On June 30, she was spoken on the phone to tell her she was fired. Mara indicates that she is still in poor health and has not recovered from the coronavirus. She asks that she be done justice, that her work be returned and the corresponding investigations are carried out, because the airport lends itself to the customs staff falling into many acts of corruption.

Original source in Spanish

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