translated from Spanish: Edgardo Lopez will be at the helm of new Baseball League in Guasave

Guasave.- Edgardo López Quintero, former president of the arturo Péimbert Camacho league, in coordination with other local baseball characters, decided to create a Second Force circuit that will carry the name of Vicente Gutiérrez.The leader of this new baseball league noted that it was last week that a meeting was held with 11 delegates, who intend to participate in this new baseball fair , which is done for the sole purpose of giving young players more opportunities.
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“We will be a Second Force league, because we know that doing it at a higher level generates more costs and the truth is that here the only goal is that young people can develop and thus jump to other higher level tournaments, such as the Péimbert Camacho and Campesina leagues,” he said. Directive
Eleazar Leyva will be the one who holds the position of vice president, while Paul Cervantes will be treasurer and José Solano will serve as secretary. Finally, Emiliano Elenes will be in charge of the compilation. Elsewhere, López Quintero emphasized that they will only have four or five First Force reinforcements, where only one of them can be pitcher. “We plan to start with at least 10 teams, we are having good acceptance and we believe that as soon as we can play baseball we will be ready to start fast,” he said. The president of this new circuit pointed out that the concern of forming this project did not arise in two weeks, but had been working since 2019, only that the idea was not very clear, however, he hopes that this league can become a hotbed of hairmakers, because talent abounds in Guasave.Finally, Edgardo López claims to feel committed to the municipality , that is why it aims to help to form good ballmen, since they currently have a professional baseball team in the region, which becomes a stimulus for all young people who practice the sport, because most aspire to play in the future with the painting of the Cottons.You may be interested manuel Flores takes the reins of the Football Committee in AhomeToman protests to presidents of Ahome Sports Committees

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