translated from Spanish: Epidemiological report: COVID-19 deaths border 14,000 people

According to the latest epidemiological report prepared by the Department of Health Statistics and Information (DEIS) there are already almost 14 thousand deaths linked to COVID-19, adding up the deaths that have laboratory confirmation and those that do not. On the one hand, 10,011 PCR-confirmed deaths have been considered nationally, while another 3,928 people died from coronavirus-associated causes, totaling 13,939 deaths. The epicenter of the tragedy is the Metropolitan Region, with 10,321 deaths, an area that also has the most active cases: 6,714.In the breakdown by commune Puente Alto continues to be the commune that records the highest number of deaths resulting from the virus, reaching a total of 558 deaths. In number of deaths, he is followed by: Florida (460), Maipú (376) and San Bernardo (323). As regards other regions, apart from the Metropolitan, the list is headed by Valparaiso (940), Antofagasta (514), the Liberator General Bernardo O’Higgins (429) and the Maule (367). Meanwhile, 410,874 cases of COVID-19 are counted in the country. 368,825 have been confirmed through PCR tests, and about 42,000 would be probable contagion. The commune with the most active cases in the country is Antofagasta (747), followed by Arica (709), Copiapó (685), Puente Alto (580), Puerto Montt (518) and La Serena (405).

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