translated from Spanish: INDH collaborated in the delivery of municipal building of Tirúa to neighbors after attack suffered last night

On Saturday afternoon, the town building of Tirúa was delivered to the community and Mayor Adolfo Millabur. After the unsolicited eviction by the communal authority, the building was in police custody and last night it was vandalized and all its windows were destroyed.
The National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) was present in the area and, before the Ministry of the Interior, it was possible that the Provincial Governor of Arauco was the one who delivered the municipal building, so that it resumed operation as soon as possible.
On Friday, the national director of inDH, Sergio Micco, together with biobío regional director Carolina Chang, had already met with Mayor Adolfo Millabur and neighbors who were arrested during the eviction. He also visited various points in Tirúa that show the effects of violence and called for dialogue and understanding. This Saturday they returned to Tirúa.
“Through dialogue, the INDH puts itself at the service of a mayor, representative of the people, so that there is peace and justice at the service of the most marginalized,” Sergio Micco emphasized.
“These signs of understanding each other, despite the differences, is a good sign for us Tiruans. We regret the post-eviction events that have damaged the municipal building, but we are determined to move forward,” Said Mayor Millabur, thanking the in THE INDH authorities directly and on the ground.
The director of the INDH continues his agenda in Biobío and La Araucanía, visiting victims of violence and authorities, promoting dialogue to de-extend the situation of conflict in the area.

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