translated from Spanish: Liam Neeson stars with his son “Made in Italy”: “a healing process”

There are those who heal over time, who are allowed to live with pain, and wounds that never heal. In the case of Liam Neeson and his eldest son Micheál Richardson composing, recording and releasing their next film was their process to afford to feel and, just, heal. Both play a father and a son in the film “Made in Italy”, available through various platforms. The film is the debut opera of director James D’Arcy, who was somewhat afraid to present the script to the actor recognized for his work on “Schindler’s List” and “Relentless Search” given the similarities to the loss of the actress and wife, Natasha Richardson (“Twins Game”). The actress had an accident while skiing in Canada, which caused her trauma and took her life. Made by which her family remembers her with love and pain for her absence.

“Reading the script was like, what? This is so weird. Like, Mum probably has something to do with, like, why this is happening right now,” said Micheál Richardson according to statements gathered by El País de España.Even, it was Neeson who proposed to work with her son, although she had doubts about the similarities of the plot. He was 13 when his mother’s accident happened.” He’s a pretty young man and he had terrible trauma 10 years ago. And I didn’t want him to be traumatized in the making of the film again,” Neeson said. “It’s important to say that we have each other. We have to help each other,” he added.

Liam Neeson and Micheál Richardson in “Made in Italy”

The film is about a father and son who are unite for the child’s intention to sell his mother’s house in Tuscany. Given the plot, the actors reflected on their individual and joint healing process and return to the screen after performing the sequel to “Anchorman” and “Cold Pursuit” together.
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