translated from Spanish: Neighbors demonstrated against Amber Cornejo’s mother and attacked her apartment in Limache

When Denisse Llanos was preparing to enter his limache apartment, accompanied by a police escort, a group of neighbors prevented him, demonstrating against the woman and asking for justice. Unknowns threw the woman’s belongings into the street and the entrance door was scratched with slogans and insults.
They also lay flowers on top of the door.
The situation was captured by neighbors in the sector, who uploaded videos of what was happening to social networks.

Video via Twitter: @AgenciaQuinta
It should be remembered that on Thursday, Llanos accused his conviant, Hugo Bustamante, of having killed Amber and buried the body in the courtyard of his home in Villa Alemana.
His statement to the prosecution and the ID allowed the subject to be arrested as impepped and the girl’s remains found.
And although the chief prosecutor of Villa Alemana, María José Bowen, clarified that for now Llanos is only part of the case as a witness, her participation has generated doubts in the POI itself, since during the eight days of searching for Amber she was with her conviviant and kept silent.
In fact, the director general of the Investigation Police, Hector Espinosa, stated yesterday that “the perpetrator of the crime did not cooperate with the first proceedings and the mother had an accomplice silence.”
In turn, Patricio Olivares, defense attorney for Ulysses Cornejo, father of the victim, filed a complaint against Llanos “as a cover-up for the crime that Bustamante committed”.

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