translated from Spanish: A woman tied up and lifeless in Tacícuaro, Morelia

Morelia, Mich.- Saturday 08 August 2020.- A dead woman, who was stranded and gagged, was found on a terrace path located in the vicinity of the pantheon belonging to the community of Tacícuaro, a few meters from the road to San Nicolás Obispo, municipality of Morelia.
Contacts close to law enforcement authorities mentioned that the female had traces of violence, and was also wrapped in a green, black and white blanket.
According to the sources, some inhabitants made the macabre discovery during the afternoon of this Saturday and asked for the presence of the police. Subsequently, local patrolmen arrived at the site and after confirming the situation delimited the perimeter.
It was known that the lady has not been identified, she was between 30 and 35 years old, she was light brown skin, thin complexion, brown hair; she wore light blue denim trousers, and two grey and pink blouses, respectively.
Agents and experts from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) arrived at the scene and began the corresponding inquiries, then brought the body to the Medical Forensic Service facility for the practice of necropsy law

Original source in Spanish

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