translated from Spanish: Painter dies electrocuted in his work, in Apatzingán

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Apatzingán, Michoacán.- A painter lost his life by touching some high-voltage cables while performing his daily work, they told this half-police and rescue contacts that they came to attend this emergency, which was recorded this Saturday in the Palmira colony in this city of Apatzingán.
In this regard, it was known that everything happened when the worker painted the facade of an address on Cayetano Andrade street. The citizen painted a property under construction and at a certain point with a roller touched some high voltage cables and thus died instantly.
During the proceedings carried out by the staff of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Apatzingán the now West was identified only with the alias “El Canas”, the police did not disclose the generals of the deceased. Municipal Civil Protection paramedics confirmed the painter’s death by providing first aid.
Subsequently, the elements of the Municipal Police cordoned off the perimeter to guard it in attachment to the chain of custody. The body was then taken to the medical forensic service facility for the practice of competent studies and then delivered to their loved ones.

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