translated from Spanish: St. John returns to face-to-face classes: what protocol will be like

After the winter break, this Monday, San Juan will become the first province in the country to return to the face-to-face classes in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), under a strict health protocol and a bimodal system.How will it be the return to the classrooms?
Students, teachers and school staff must enter the institution with cover blocks. On the one hand, each student will receive on the first day a bag of gel alcohol, a lid, liquid soap and personal towel. While teachers will be given a sanitized acetate mask that must be reintegrated at the end of the school day. The recesses, meanwhile, will be staggered according to the distribution of the groups that are previously performed. In addition, each school will receive a signal kit to ensure estrangement in the spare time.

The Ministry of Education of #SanJuan detailed the procedures that all members of the educational community must take into account, respecting the health prevention measures in force in force in force, to return to the classrooms.
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August 6, 2020

Bimodal system
The Minister of Education of San Juan, Felipe De Los Ríos, explained that the decision of parents who do not yet want to send their children to school will be respected, so a bimodal system will be implemented that includes electronic platforms and the sending of study guides.” In the provincial interior courses that have few students, they will go every day and in which they are more numerous, one group will go to classes one week and another will do so with guides at home and the following week the allocation of shifts will be reversed,” the official said. There will be 10,446 students who will take up classes in San Juan, the province with fewer cases of coronavirus in the entire country (23).

During this first stage, students from 14 of the province’s 19 departments and the last year of primary and secondary school will begin: Angaco, Albardón, San Martín, July 9, May 25, Jáchal, Calingasta, Church, Fertile Valley, Sarmiento, Pocito, Ullum, Zonda and Caucete.After the initial kick of San Juan, the next province that will resume its classes will be Catamarca, on August 18, although from this Monday teachers will start working on the protocols. For his part, Santiago del Estero, who was also planning to return, decided to take a step back and postpone the restart of face-to-face classes for 30 days, due to the record increase in cases he had in the last 48 hours.

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