translated from Spanish: They will award 15,000 pesos to relatives of coronavirus deceased

Decree 655/2020 published this morning in the Official Gazette established that the national government extended the subsidy, which had been in force since 2006, of 15 thousand pesos for relatives of those who have died as a result of COVID-19 and are unemployed, in the informal economy or being monotriteists in one of the categories. The grant was created in 2006 and sets the amount of 15 thousand pesos for those who lost a direct relative and were unemployed; or were in the informal economy; or were inscribed in categories «A» and «B» of the Simplified Small Taxpayer Scheme,» it also covers those who were part of the Social Inclusion and Promotion of Independent Work Regime.

Relatives of the deceased who held the Pregnancy Assignment for Social Protection will also be reached; Universal Child Assignment for Social Protection, and children and adolescents and persons of legal age with disabilities and who have been workers declared under the Special Working Contract Regime for Private House Staff. This allowance existed for relatives of Falklands veterans, for certain beneficiaries of the National Forecasting Regime and will only be beneficiaries to the spouse or the conviant, the father or mother, or the son or daughter of the deceased.

Finally, it shall only be effective provided that the applicant fails to report the death and proves that he has borne the costs of the burial by submitting the invoice extended in his or her name by the funeral company that performed the service.

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