translated from Spanish: Stunning images of the eruption of Sinabung volcano in Indonesia (Video)

World.- The Sinabung volcano (Indonesia) has had a new eruption that has caused a huge column of ash that has covered the entire northern sky of Sumatra Island. The ash column rose to 5000 meters high and was visible from tens of kilometers.

#ÚltimaHora – there was a strong eruption of the volcano #Sinabung, Indonesia. High eruptive column and descent of pyroclastic flows.
— SkyAlert (@SkyAlertMx) August 10, 2020

This volcanic activity was recorded at noon, but due to smoke and ash in the air they hid sunlight in the towns near the Sinabung volcano, making it appear that it was early at night than expected.
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Some 30,000 people have had to leave their homes momentarily while living around the mountain. Authorities in the Asian country have recommended that no one approach less than 5 kilometers from the volcano. Because of this natural phenomenon, it was decreed as Red Danger for aviation near the place by the large fumarole that was created in the sky.
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