translated from Spanish: The Micaela Law reached 135 municipalities

Provincial Law 15.134 adheres to the National Law Law 27.499. Both are named after the «Micaela Act», who was a victim of femicide in April 2017.  In recognition of its struggle and social commitment to women’s rights, this law was passed in December 2018, establishing mandatory and permanent gender-based training and prevention of violence against women and LGBT+ people. The provision reaches all persons who perform in the public role in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers of the Province, regardless of their level or hierarchy. In this way, the application of the Micaela Law in the Executive Branch of Bonaerense, extends to more than 500 thousand workers.

Today Micaela García would be years old. Every day we carry out the challenge of implementing the law that bears its name so that the whole state can train in gender and gender-based violence.
#LeyMicaela — Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity (@MinGenerosAR)
August 9, 2020

For its part, the Provincial Ministry, in coordination with the Provincial Institute of Public Administration (IPAP), launched the Training Program for trainers and trainers in Law Micaela, which strengthens the processes of adherence to the standard and trains the nuclei of municipal workers in gender issues so that they can replicate the contents in the localities of each municipality. Due to social, preventive and mandatory isolation, these municipal trainings were adapted to the virtual format. In this way, the program is being developed in two stages: a gender awareness course and a training course.
The second stage will begin from 17 August, which aims to deepen conceptual and practical tools in the field of gender, as well as to provide frames and pedagogical guidelines from popular education in the prevention of gender-based violence. The construction of public policies with a gender perspective is essential to eradicate inequalities and discrimination, and to end the perpetuation of violence in the public sphere, but also in the private sphere. The Micaela Act is a big step to achieve it. 

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