translated from Spanish: Enact law extending the validity of boards of neighbors and other organizations during the pandemic

The Director of the Division of Social Organizations (DOS), Jorge Fuentes, reported that President Sebastián Piñera enacted Law 21.239, which extends the validity of the boards of neighbors and other social organizations.
“This regulation extends the validity of the directives of social organizations and empowers their directories to continue operating normally, and thus access all the benefits and funds that the State has for them,” Fuentes explained.
More specifically, he detailed that “the mandate of the boards of the boards of neighbours and other community organizations was extended because of the covid-19 pandemic”.
He added that “this is effective for all directories whose validity expired three months before the Declaration of the State of Exception,” he added.
“Once the State of Exception ends, the term will be extended for an additional 90 days, and if it is extended, it also lasts for 90 days after the end of the disaster state.”
Finally, he explained that a period of 90 days after this scenario, elections will have to be held for the boards of the neighbours’ boards and other community organizations.

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