translated from Spanish: Wake up, right! The Apruebo has already won…

I consider myself a liberal, even if my children think otherwise and have always walked on the right sidewalk of the political spectrum and even, for a while, milité in Evópoli. I voted for President Piñera on both occasions and on the others I always voted for the candidate in my sector, except one, when I thought it was so bad, that I abstained.
Today, I watch with anguish as the constitutional plebiscite approaches, ever faster, and I see the right lost in the marasm of its dogmas, many of them old and old-fashioned, insisting on the Rejection as if he had any choice.
Okay, the polls are wrong and the “silent majority” still doesn’t manifest, at least that’s what we’re trying to convince chile’s leadership. But as much as the polls are wrong, and however quiet people are, since October 2019, they all give the Apruebo the winner, all of them! Including the ORACLE of the CEP, which, in December 2019, gave The Apruebo 67%, against 13% of the Rejection. For what to say the Cadem, where Apruebo does not drop from 70% weekly until today, or Mori, of more left-leaning trend, which, in June 2020, gave Apruebo 79%, with 12% for the Rejection.
Well, this is the reality, clear and blunt, and the right insists on clinging to a ship that is already semi-abandoned and not reflofiable. It’s okay that the captain doesn’t leave the boat, but when there’s no one else left, the smart thing to do is to jump in the water and try to get on the lifeboat.
This scenario, in which the right is entrenched in a lost position, is exactly what the left is looking for for its post-bishop strategy, it is very clear, the right is giving it to you on a tray!
The day after Apruebo’s victory, the left, as always, will deny salt and water to its defeated opponent, no chivalry as it was formerly used. Here the speech will be: “You lost, you never wanted a new Constitution, and therefore you cannot write it. This is our Constitution, you have already written yours with Pinochet, now it’s our turn.”
And so, maybe what green dog we meet. It will surely be a maximalist constitution, which seeks in this way to impose multiple lysing and populist ideas, as we have not seen in 30 years, that will put a huge cloak of uncertainty about the future of this wonderful country. All the same, no matter how poor, but equal, with serious restrictions on private initiative, with all kinds of undue regulations on private property, where the state is master, sir… And rajadiablos!
Will it not be smarter, in the face of such an obvious scenario, that the right gets on the trolley of Apruebo and that it wins by 95% of the votes (there will always be heads), so that when it is written all sectors have the same right to raise their ideas and we can propose, without squeaholding and defending lawfully, our approaches and that they do not pretend that the Constitution is a rigid suit, that it prevents any different will?
They will tell me not to exaggerate, that there is always the agreement of the 2/3 in the House, but be prepared, because in the current context, with the right for the Rejection, losing, to every thing that opposes it, violent manifestations, insurrection, destruction, oclocracy, the lost rule of law will follow. And so, one by one, the right, either out of fear of chaos or necessity, you will have to submit to the idea of the left. Antonio Gramsci’s theories carried out with a neat, almost military, because this is the left, of military discipline. And finally, there will always be a recourse to send to pass by simple law what is not achieved in the Assembly, which the right will again oppose, but again lose.
Looks like the only one who noticed this was Mario Desbordes, but of course, they sent him to Defense. The UDI, with Cristián Larroulet as a great ideologue, rigid and dogmatic and with Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe as operator (the senator’s kicks turn out), managed to carry out his plan. Control Overboards and force the President to hand over the political committee to them and push the Rejection. This is the beginning of the great disaster, although in the next joaquin Lavín won. His government will be irrelevant and will go down in history as the one in which Chile was lost.
Wake up, right! The Apruebo has already won…

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