translated from Spanish: Minister Figueroa for possible return to face-to-face classes: “where the sanitary conditions are met”

The Minister of Education, Raúl Figueroa referred to an eventual face-to-face return to the classes and said that this process will be carried out “where the sanitary conditions are met for that.”
“As we have repeatedly said, a return to classes is sustained on the basis of three fundamental pillars: safety, willfulness and graduality.”
“The Ministry of Health has pointed out that in regions in step 4 it is allowed to be able to open gradually after authorization from the Ministry of Education,” Figueroa said, according to La Tercera.
The minister considered the face-to-face classes to be “irreplaceable and in that sense to the extent that the sanitary conditions that permit are met, it is important that students who can be reunited in that space”.
“One full semester is missing for the end of the school year. And in that sense we have to be very clear that sanitary conditions are going to be given differently throughout the national territory,” the secretary of state said, and in that line said that “it is not up to a closure today knowing that those conditions are evolving.”
Finally, Figueroa referred to the situation in the Metropolitan Region, arguing that it is “obvious that we must be waiting for how the pandemic evolves and how progress is made in the logic of the Ministry of Health’s Step-by-Step logic. And, therefore, as the communes of the Metropolitan Region progress in the next steps of deconfunding, then we will have to see if the conditions are given to be able to open the schools”

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