translated from Spanish: Teacher’s Survey reveals that nearly 98% of guardians would not send their children to face-to-face classes

A 97 of the parents, guardians, education professionals and students stated that they did not agree with the face-to-face return to classrooms due to the covid-19 pandemic.
This was detailed by a survey conducted by the College of Teachers, in which 69,735 respondents from 322 communes in the country participated. 41,380 of respondents (59.34%) are proxyed, while 23,599 (33.84%) education professionals and 4,756 (6.82%) they’re students.
When you ask, “Do you agree that under the current pandemic conditions, a return to face-to-face classes in children’s schools and gardens begins?”, 97.7 per cent responded that no and only 2.30 per cent felt yes.
In addition, 96.28 per cent of respondents felt that their school or kindergarten did not have the material and infrastructure conditions necessary to prevent covid-19 contagion.
As for the emotions that a possible return to classes would produce, most respondents responded to insecurity, fear and anger.
Finally, 97.56 percent of the proxy said they would not be willing to send their children to school or kindergarten if the government decrees the restart of face-to-face classes.

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