translated from Spanish: Femicide in Santa Fe: find the body of a woman buried in their home

A 35-year-old woman was found murdered and buried in a room in the house she shared with her husband in the town of Las Toscas. By femicide the husband, Juan Luis Chará, 35, was arrested. Stella Maris Gómez was found last night in a house located in Passage 35/37, between 18th and 20th streets, of the Virgen Niña neighborhood, of the town of Las Toscas, located at the northeast end of Santa Fe.According to the research, the house was raided after her husband reported in the police station of that town that the woman, whom they nicknamed “Tita”, had disappeared last Wednesday afternoon. According to the Télam news agency, for testimonies from relatives and relatives of the victim, the prosecutor Norberto Ríos ordered a break-in of the house where the couple lived with their two children aged nine months and another 11-year-old. There, the staff discovered in an unoccupied room of the house the body of the woman, which had been buried in a well and then covered with cement. The woman was tied to her feet and hands, had a noose around her neck and, according to medical experts, had a blow to the facial skull area. The ensuing ones estimated that the attack on Gomez occurred about 48 hours before the body’s discovery. The suspect was detained at the 5th police station in Las Toscas and, according to Télam spokesmen of the Public Prosecutions Ministry, the Regional Prosecutor of Reconquista in charge of the case, Ríos, will charge him in the next few hours for murder aggravated by the bond and femicide. According to statistics led by different associations to combat gender-based violence, a total of 20 femicides, including the latter, occurred in the province of Santa Fe so far this year.

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