translated from Spanish: YouTube revealed its top pandemic videos: cooking, yoga and beauty tutorials for video calls

The world’s leading video platform, YouTube, released the “Watching the Pandemic” report, which released what kind of content has been most viewed by its users during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The analysis of the platform revealed that globally the main interests of those who have searched for videos online are three: personal care, social connection and identity. Just the three pillars that make up the model of human needs created by the American cultural anthropologist Susan Kresnicka.
In the area of personal care, the videos of exercises to do at home, especially those of yoga, became tremendously popular. In the particular case of Chile, these contents began to be much more viewed from March 18, a date that coincides with the beginning of confinement in the country. The most popular ones? The beginner yoga yoga of the Russian resident in Chile, Elena Malova (, who had their peak visits on April 9.
Also, much of the globe aroused enthusiasm for guided meditations, whose searches increased by 40% after March 15. Nature’s sound searches – which would help to relax and rest better – and cooking techniques at home as professional chefs do in a restaurant, also growing.

Challenges and masks
Within the section of the social connection we saw a 600% increase worldwide in content views with the hashtag #Conmigo (or #WithMe), which seeks interaction between users. Several correspond to people dancing, exercising, makeup, cooking, etc.
At this point also highlights the explosion of visits in tutorials to make homemade masks, which have been seen more than 400 million times since mid-March. Of course, only using them can be close to other people.
Virtual visits to museums and the various records of physical challenges, beauty, etc., have also gained adherents in recent months.
In the country there has been a lot of movement on the WokiToki channel, which decided to portray the phrases that are usually heard during confinement. On the other hand, the collaboration between 31 Minutes and Unicef to talk about the challenges of learning at home has already exceeded 400 thousand visits.

A new tutorial
In the section of identity can be used to develop talents and get to know themselves. Here, the undisputed queen is cooking: the audiovisual records of recipe preparation by famous chefs and online workshops to learn how to make sourdough bread are among the most viewed. However, a great love for gardening was also born and, without having the possibility of going to churches, many began to watch religious videos so as not to stray from their faith despite confinement.
Particularly in Chile there was a spike in video views that teach haircut, with peaks in mid-March and early June.
A new type of tutorial arose when social life began to focus on video calls and became very popular: beauty tips for video calls and how to look better on them.

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