translated from Spanish: Hernán Calderón would file a complaint against his son for frustrated parricide

That Hernán Calderón Jr. intended to kill his father secured the defender of Raquel Argandoña’s ex-partner, who announced that he is preparing the complaint for frustrated parricide he would present against the 23-year-old for the assault on Tuesday.
Julio César Rodríguez assured him yesterday in “Contigo en la Mañana” of Chilevisión that he was in contact with the lawyer of Hernán Calderón Sr., who told him that the law student, who until yesterday remained fugitive with a warrant of detention against him, threatened his father with a firearm, with which he shot at a wall and then pointed it in the chest.
He also detailed that Calderon Sr.’s hand injuries were the result of the defensive maneuver he performed when he was attacked by his son with a white gun.
“We intend to complain about parricide frustrated to the last consequences,” the lawyer told the morning animator. “He cut off his hands because Hernán Calderón tried to defend himself, because deep down he defended himself because the stabbings were pointing at his stomach,” he added.
The professional detailed To Rodriguez that as a result of his gesture in defense, Hernán Calderón Sr. ended up with two tendons of the right hand cut so “do not know if he will be able to regain mobility or sensitivity”; he also revealed that the lawyer “has almost 50 points in the other hand.”
“The complaint will be ready in shortness of time. We have the bullet as a means of proof too, there are also witnesses, because his partner, who was also assaulted by Hernán Jr., was in place; there was also the home adviser of Hernán Calderón Sr.” Rodriguez read from his cell phone.

“I don’t have a brother”
After staying silent for two days, Kel Calderón posted a photo yesterday with his dad on Instagram accompanied by a message in support: “I am and will be by your side every step of the way, I put 100% of my strength and capabilities at your disposal. I’ll be your best warrior. I love you.”
The influencer also responded to followers who reproached her for not supporting her brother, Hernán Jr. to which she replied categorically: “He is a criminal. I don’t have a brother.”

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