translated from Spanish: Paramedic saves baby after choking on mango piece in Mazatlan

Mazatlan. Minutes of uncertainty lived a family enjoying a day of Bruges Beach in Mazatlan, when they noticed that their 10-month-old baby was choked with a piece of mango. The algarabía they were living at the time changed radically by cries of despair that openly called for the help of paramedics. 
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The minutes became eternal for the grieving mother who watched her newborn in poor health and unable to help her. To his fortune, two elements of State Civil Protection were near the site patrolling the Cerritos area as part of his work to provide assistance to the disgraced persons.

Elements provided first aid to the baby Courtesy State Civil Protection

The intervention of one of them was relevant, who masterfully held the girl and applied the resuscitation techniques and managed to get the youngest to expel the piece of fruit that prevented her from breathing for several minutes. The rescuer’s action was infinitely grateful for the little girl’s family, who returned to the arms of her mother safe and sound.

Original source in Spanish

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