translated from Spanish: Jorge Rial v Viviana Canosa: “hypocrites”

News of the death of a five-year-old Neuquén boy who would have taken chlorine dioxide spread on Saturday and generated outrage and concern from society on social media. So Jorge Rial expressed himself over this situation and pointed out to journalist Viviana Canosa of being irresponsible for having consumed the liquid live on his show and thus inciting her audience to do so. First, the intruder journalist wrote, “Keep strolling about this.”
He then posted the viral photo of Canosa, taking chlorine dioxide on his Channel 9 show.
Nothing personal is the cycle that runs on Channel 9 from Monday to Friday at 23. There, the journalist spread the use of the so-called CDS, a false treatment for coronavirus. “Oxygenate the blood. It comes divine to me. I don’t recommend. I’ll show you what I’m doing. Chau, I love you. Until tomorrow,” the driver said at the time, in a defiant tone, contradicting all indications from ANMAT and medical authorities warning of the danger of ingesting it. The consequences of these irresponsible acts in the hands of communicators open up a new controversy about the role of journalists in informing and taking the place of opinion-tellers. On social media, there is some way to hold those who give these messages that threaten the lives of thousands of people accountable, for the negative health consequences that these practices can have.

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