translated from Spanish: Carlos Rottemberg’s request from Luis Brandoni

The theatrical producer Carlos Rottemberg this afternoon uploaded to his social networks a photo of the poster promoting the play that will star Luis Brandoni, «The Accompaniment» and that momentarily had to be suspended like all the others due to the pandemic. 
But the theatrical impresario in addition to uploading the promotional photo did so with a sense of message: «Beto, stay home. We have to release soon.. I was praying on twitter. In a clear allusion to the call for the march that is currently taking place in the country, called «17A» and aimed at different thoughts, some against quarantine, others against judicial reform, others against the measures taken by the current government. And for which the actor Luis Brandoni, performed and was the voice of the call. 

While many users of the social network began to question the producer’s questioning, Rottemberg told the newspaper The Nation exclusively that it was a joke-based advice he gave his friend. «With Beto we are waiting to be able to release when public features are enabled. So from March 20 it was, coincidentally with the start of quarantine, the expected and announced date to raise the curtain, with everything ready and up to the tickets for sale,» he explained. The producer reaffirmed that he and Brandoni are friends, and that behind the publication there is no intention to detrace from their stance. «We were always there and we are in the important things of our lives.» But it is true that the employer’s concern is not vain, since the actor is 80 years old and is inside people considered «risky» and should be the first to keep the health protocol proposed by the specialists at a time and to remain safe so as not to get coronavirus. 

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