translated from Spanish: INEA and SEP announce online literacy program and Special Education details

Mexico.- As part of their new offering to provide online education, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the National Institute of Adult Education (INEA) announced the launch of an online literacy program for Mexicans over the age of 15 who have not completed their primary and secondary education studies. At last Saturday’s SEP press conference, INEA Director General Rodolfo Lara Aponte presented the Educational Model for Life and Work (MEVyT) in its electronic form, which will allow stakeholders to study the modules needed to complete their basic education free of charge and remotely, only a computer and Internet connection are needed.
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There will be 640 programs that will be broadcast for adults to attend primary and secondary school, which will also help to strengthen national identity, promote healthy living, values to live in community and learn to learn, the holder of INEA emphasized. On the other hand, he advanced that a radio strategy will be implemented to deliver the contents to indigenous peoples and communities in 15 states of the country, through 19 radio stations that will broadcast in 22 native languages. These programmes will have asmatic axes: language and communication, health, work, environment, citizen training and mathematics.

Picture: SEP

For those who have completed their secondary studies at INEA and do not yet have their certificate, Lara Aponte recalled that agreements have been issued that will give them six months of extension to obtain them, so that they «can enroll at the next level of training». The Director-General of INEA advanced that the examinations would be carried out in person, respecting the preventive measures before Covid-19, and will have a period of two months to carry out the test, in order to avoid crowds. 
Where the necessary conditions exist, INEA will apply the examination to enter the subsequent level of education,» the PMI said.

He also announced that a radio series called «Different but Equal» is planned, which is aimed at people with disabilities and their families, to learn collaboratively, with support from public broadcasters.

Photo: SEP

Lara Ponte emphasized that during the pandemic, the care of INEA users and staff was prioritized, so a network of trainers was developed via telephone with the support of advisors and family members to maintain educational activities. He recalled that INEA served people over the age of 15 who for any reason did not complete their primary and secondary studies, all through a flexible, intercultural and intergenerational model, through study circles, meeting points and community places in the 32 states of the country. He therefore invited INEA users to join and enroll in the Education for Life and Work Model (MEVyT), which will be conducted online throughout the country with support from state adult education institutes. Special Education
For her part, Gabriela Tamez Hidalgo, Director of Curriculum Strengthening and in charge of the Special Education program, announced that special and inclusive education teachers from all over the country will receive the printed educational materials corresponding to the 2020-2021 school year, from which they will carry out the corresponding curriculum planning and adaptations. He explained that Students in Early and Basic Education at Multiple Care Centers (CAMs) will be able to enroll when school control standards are set, so they will do their school activities from home.

Photo: SEP

It also indicated that the sign language interpretation box would continue in all «Learn at Home II» programs, as well as that programs will be included for mothers, parents and guardians with children with disabilities.
In these programs we will contact movements of society cI live through Movement 3-12, with whom we have worked for some time and with whom we have been developing for some time the National Strategy of Inclusive Education,» he said.

It also ensured that the 167 specialized educational resources in special education will be maintained in the «Learn at Home» portal, as well as the delivery of educational materials printed in Braille and Macrotype language.It is about 42 thousand teachers who support the Special Education strategy, who have been very close, loving and responsible in the follow-up of their students , concluded Tamez Hidalgo.You may be interested:What are the official schedules and channels for the return to school? Learn at Casa IISEP: Experts will teach new subjects in new school year 2020-2021

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