translated from Spanish: Meet all the activities to celebrate Children’s Day

This Sunday has as protagonists the children who today celebrate their day, so from different cultural centers, multiple proposals were organized to celebrate this day. From workshops, video games, shows, musical shows, tutorials, a bingo with a theatrical setting, clowns, and many more recreational proposals, we tell you in this note. Usina of Art
The Usina will present at 15 a game where they can assemble a character with recycled objects in Todos Make Toys, at 19.30 a live with Los Cazurros will be held where they will offer a show of games and challenges with the particular humor that characterizes them. And finally on the facebook of the Usina (@usinadelarte) and Youtube of GCBA, at 18 festikids will arrive, the first online Children’s Festival with Mecache Rock, Semillita and Los Tutu.Festivals
With the BA Dance Festival, boys and girls ages 8 to 12 will be able to learn (with elements they have in their homes) to set up their own pop-up stage with a dancer, to play and blow the imagination. FiBA, along with Round Feet, will teach to create a double-use theatrical mask to express different emotions (recommended for 4 to 7 years). Through @festivalesgcbaZoomate
New Zoomate arrives to celebrate childhood with the @usinadelarte, @festivalesgcba and @museosba. Girls and boys will be able to participate in nine new participatory meetings. The goal of Zoom in! is for boys and girls to meet live with others of the same age and face challenges, learn and believe together. All meetings are held through the Zoom platform and have moderators specialized in each topic. Zoomate’s encounters of the Art’s Usina are pre-registered through the visual web: kids will have to solve a mystery around a work of art! Argentine artist Nicola Costantino commissioned a mission: she found her installation «Pardés» completely in the dark. Friday 21/08 – 16 hours. Stories a la carte by Fernando de Vedia, an encounter where you will be able to choose stories from the menu of the day. Tuesday 18/08 – 17 hours. Musical participatory encounter by Jesica Mara, a musical gathering for babies that invites you to enjoy playful songs to the rhythm of the ukulele. Thursday 20/08 – 16 hours. Elusive works: treasure hunt at home. Monday 17/08 – 16 hours. Collective whiteboards, dialogue spaces drawn through the Jamboard collaborative whiteboard. Saturday 22/08 – 16 hours. Cultural Center May 25
Virtual Bingo: 25 Bingo Chou. A lottery that proposes a playful and theatrical experience at the same time. It will be played via youtube and the winner will receive future tickets for CC 25 De Mayo shows and many more surprises. 
Sunday, August 16 at 5pm live on YouTube
Pre-registration: Tel : 4524-7997/ Whatsapp: 113930- 7496

San Martín Cultural Center
Video games:
Mystery Apple of Pickle Studio. It’s a graphic adventure about a girl who gets lost in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chas Park. To find the way out Nina will have to interact and help the different characters in the ward. Avantgarde by Agustín Pérez Fernández is an action game inspired by the works of Mondrian. An interactive tribute to one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. A combination of colorful puzzle and space shooter. Available in culture at home. Paper Circus – Hands to work part II. After presenting the behind-the-scenes of The Paper Circus, it’s time to build our own circus at home. This second part offers a tutorial to invite the little ones to play with the imagination. From an ecological look, they are proposed to create a circus with disposable materials, such as paper, cardboard, yarn, among others, in order that they be able to build their own characters and paper stories. It is available on El CulturalTalleres’ YouTube channel
Theatre factory: the initiative, aimed at girls and boys from 3 to 11 years, proposes to approach behind the scenes and tour the workshops through which the project circulates a theatrical piece until its premiere. From the hand of the workers, they will carry out activities linked to each of the creative offices that shape a work. At the same time, you will meet authors and highlights of the Teatro San Martín in the framework of its 60th anniversary. There will also be content accessible to people with visual and hearing impairment as part of the Accessible Theatres project promoted by the Fundación Amigos del Teatro San Martín with the support of Mecenazgo, cultural participation. Available in Culture at Home and the website of the Buenos Aires Theatre Complex.Cultural Development and Creative
Hospital Clowns: Intensive Joy. During Sunday 16 you can enjoy the clowns of The Intensive Joy, a civil non-profit association, which has support of Patronage through Cultural Impulse. Formed by professional artists specialized in clown, Alegría Intensive is dedicated to improving the hospital experience of children and adolescents, their parents and health personnel through art, mainly through clown art. In the context of the pandemic, Intensive Joy was able to continue its Hospital Clown programs. The artists transformed their homes into «studios» to spread through social networks the videos, some personalized, intended for children. In turn, they make video calls with boys, girls and adolescents in hospital. Sunday, August 16, through the networks of @impulsocultural. General Directorate of MusicDáctic of the Orchestra of Tango of Buenos Aires. Teaching material so that children can learn with Buenos Aires and Argentine music. Sunday, August 16, through MusicBA.MuseosMuseos BA will be present with activities on their Instagram, in which kids will learn to draw a cartoon character by the hand of illustrators. The little ones will be able to participate in a music workshop for babies, in which they can perform with their family homemade rattles, learning to play to the rhythm of the music of Carlos Gardel, Fox Trot and Rumba. Rapando museums proposes that girls and boys can compose their own rap inspired by the BA Museums and by the hand of Lola can enjoy an animated tour in which they will learn about the stories of the museums, their most important works, on this virtual tour. It can be enjoyed through @museosba. HeritageFrom @patrimonioba each boy will be invited to be an Archaeologist for a day, proposing to them to play as explorers so that they know more about Archaeology and Paleontology. How the layers of the earth are composed, how excavations are performed, what tools are used to make the discoveries, what happens to the objects and what information we should consider to classify them. Learn playful with an image search for objects, a trivia in Instagram Storie and downloading a pdf with games where you can discover objects and learn more about terrestrial layers.

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