translated from Spanish: O’Higgins Crossing: a digital solution that seeks to boost the regional tourism industry

The region of O’Higgins is a destination that has several tourist attractions: close to Santiago, rural towns, you can travel by vehicle and most importantly, has unique experiences designed for people at different stages of life, both in the Cachapoal Valley, Colchagua, the Coast and the Cordillera.
To give an immediate response to the needs of the market, tourists, entrepreneurs and tourism entrepreneurs were born Travesía O’Higgins, a comprehensive digital solution, which arrives to contribute directly to the process of digitization of the tourism industry of the O’Higgins region.
The creative team aims to «contribute to the creation of a new way of travel and tourism, where those who are part of the local tourism industry, have the tools to face in time the different scenarios of industry and the market. Along with this, helping people connect responsibly with destinations, nature and communities.»
Through the platform entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and providers of tourist services of the region will be able to find a unique space, which will allow them to publicize their offer of products and services, sell through our marketplace, publish offers and communicate everything that the final public needs to know about their ventures both on the website on social networks.
Likewise, partners will be able to access mentoring and training in digital marketing and communication, key tools for the positioning of their services and products.
Aware that the current situation of pandemic has generated a significant decrease in sales, is that Travesía O’Iggins has designed 3 very affordable participation categories, which are designed for the needs of each entrepreneur and entrepreneur. Similarly, it is important to work in an articulate and early way in the face of the revival of tourism and therefore we must respond before everything returns to the new normal.
Thinking of the final audience, the traveler will find exclusive and geolozed tourist experiences, products and services.

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